Brand Identity

Brand identity is the aggregation of what all you (i.e. an organization) do. It is an organization’s mission, personality, promise to the consumers and competitive advantages. It includes the thinking, feelings and expectations of the target market/consumers. It is a means of identifying and distinguishing an organization from another.

Brand identity should be sustainable. It is crucial so that the consumers instantly correlate with your product/service.

Brand identity should be futuristic, i.e, it should reveal the associations aspired for the brand. It should reflect the durable qualities of a brand. Brand identity is a basic means of consumer recognition and represents the brand’s distinction from it’s competitors.

Every brand needs an identity and for us identity is a total experience – not only a visual one. Print Bazar brand identity is a multidisciplinary strategic design agency. Founded in 2011, we focus on strategic brand consulting and design, print, package, interior and multimedia design. Our aim is to provide simple, intelligent and emotionally appealing solutions to complex requirements.

Visually the brand has to show its distinctiveness from rest of its competitors and it is always advisable to have good quality reflect from the presence of the brand. Print Bazar do print and packaging designs as well.

What we provide:

Cost-Effective Stationery Packs

Ideal for start up businesses, we provide a low cost ‘Stationery Pack’ which includes; business card, comp slip and letter head design (and print if required).

illustrations & stock images

Everything you do demands your creativity, passion and originality. It’s what you do. So, we believe our job is to do everything we can to support you – with quality images that are the cornerstone of great communications.

A Medley of images….

Best Creative Images….

Intelligently executed concepts and rarity….

Latest images to fill your void…..

For your creative work , we’ll find out creative communication & endless opportunities via creative images….

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