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Create balance between creativity and functionality

UI stands for User Interface, and UX stands for User Experience.

UI is the how beautifully a mobile app looks, and UX defines the overall experience a user has with the app. In order to build a successful mobile app, one should have a nice balance between the UI and UX.

Only concentrating on either one of them would deem disastrous for the user. With too much emphasis on the app UI, the user may be fascinated by the design of the graphics and icons, but once he/she start to use it, they will soon be pulling their hair out to figure out how the app works.

On the other hand, concentrating too much on the latter will allow the user to use the mobile app with ease, but they will soon be sick of the monotonous or badly designed interface. With the rapid-moving mobile app market, users will simply give up and look for better alternatives.

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